MV1006 DC-Machine


Test Machines

The characteristics and data of Terco electrical machines are similar to those of larger machines.

The Terco test machines have a robust construction with more iron and copper than normal to enable overloading.

Approximately 20 % overload is possible for a maximum duration of 10 minutes without damaging the machines.

Terco machines boost higher saturation limits than machines with less iron.

Please pay attention to the weight of Terco machines in comparison with other suppliers machines.

The weight will give you an indication of how much iron and copper the machines have compared to other producers of the same power (ca 1kW).

The test machines have a foundation providing accurate alignment laterally and an accurate shaft height of 162 mm.

Guides and plastic rails below the foundation simplify alignment and enable good positioning maneuverability on the machine bed. Special clamps are used to secure the machines to the machine bed. Connection is made via 4 mm safety terminal sockets mounted on a terminal panel showing the internal connections of the machine. Other voltages than those shown can be arranged on request.

MV1006 DC-Machine

The machine has a shunt and a series winding and can be connected as shunt motor, series motor, compound motor, shunt generator, series generator or compound generator.

MV 1006 has also commutating poles (interpoles) which improve the characteristics of the machine. The machine is mounted on a 10 mm thick anodized aluminium plate to be placed on the machine bed.

Suitable shunt rheostat : MV1905.


General Data




1.2 kW 1400 rpm

1.2 kW 1700 rpm

Shunt motor

1.0 kW 1400 rpm

1.0 kW 1700 rpm

Series motor

1.0 kW 1150 rpm

1.0 kW 1400 rpm


220 V 5.5 A

220 V 5.5 A


220 V 0.55 A

220 V 0.55 A

The series winding has an extra terminal at 2/3 of the winding.

Moment of inertia

J = 0.012 kgm2 (approx.)


465 x 300 x 310 mm

Shaft height 162 mm


45 kg