HV9104 Data Acquisition and Control unit (DAQC)


The TERCO HV9104 DAQC unit is a unique solution for the comprehensive control of High Voltage AC, DC and Impulse test equipment. Via the latest TERCO DAQC software included in the package, the high-speed acquisition and presentation of real-time test measurement data, and system measurement values, can be viewed and manipulated easily on the attractive user interface comprising of 2 high-quality displays, keyboard, mouse and PC

Both manually-controlled and automated test sequences with data recording are possible. Test measurement data can be exported to EXCEL or CSV file-format for easy calculations or importation to popular 3rd-party software such as MATLAB.

The HV9104 DAQC comprises of 2 physical modules, the Control Module and the Switching Cabinet Module.

The Control Module houses a Dual Screen User Interface including all control elements for manual and automated operation of the high voltage test equipment.

All control module components including PC equipped with the TERCO DAQC software, Emergency Stop button and Key Operated Mains Switch are mounted on an easily maneuverable roller-table with motorized height-adjustment for optimized versatility and user-comfort.

The Switching Cabinet Module contains all equipment for the actuation of commands received from the Control Module. The equipment includes the motor-operated regulating unit which consists of a ring-core regulating transformer and an isolating transformer.

The regulating module, which includes contactors, over-current tripping relays and equipment protection components, serves to energize the High Voltage test transformer HV9105.

Data Aquisition and Control Unit HV9104 replaces Control Unit HV9103.

All measurement components, pneumatics drive components and protection components for personal safety are also contained in the Switching Cabinet Module. The unit is powered via a standard 230V CEE socket. All controllable TERCO Test Apparatus can be remotely maneuvered via the HV9104 DAQC.

TERCO HV9104 DAQC together with the HV9105 Test Transformer are the basic components for  every configuration of high voltage test setups, whether it be for HVAC, HVDC, or HV Impulse testing.

Data acquisition / monitoring / control

Reference standards:

IEC60060-1, IEC60060-2, IEC61083-2


Windows PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse


12 bit, 200MS/s

Programmable voltage sequence and capture control.

Measurement display of HV AC / HV DC / Impulse output voltages:


0 – 300kV/420kV

Measurement display of input values:

0-250V AC voltage, 0-25A  AC current

Waveform display of HV AC/DC/Impulse

Impulse trigger sequence control (Auto/Manual)

Digital output and control

Earthing Switch (HV9114)

Sphere Gap (HV9125 / HV9126)

Measuring spark Gap (HV9133)

Vessel for Vacuum and Pressure (HV9134)

– HV9134-A1 Vacuum Pump


– HV9134-A2 Compressor

Door contact and lights etc.

Report generation and Export capability

Dimension and weight Control Unit:


800 X 1050 X 1350 mm.

Electrically Height- Adjustable


40 kg

Dimension and weight Switching Cabinet:


800 X 550 X 1100 mm


250 kg

Supply Voltages:

230V 50/60 Hz

Power rating:

5kVA continuous and 10kVA, 2 min. duty



Temperature range:

5-40 °C


20-80% relative (non-condensing)

The HV9104 Control and Data Acquisition Unit replaces the HV9103 Control desk which is no longer produced.