AUT300130  Autoportal


AUT300130  Autoportal provides a means of studying industrial automation techniques on the basis of PLC-controlled pneumatics. It has three axis consisting of two shuttle cylinders (X- and Y- axes) which can be positioned independently of each other, as required. The third axis is a double-acting cylinder (Z-axis) complete with a vacuum cup in which objects of different shapes and materials are collected, identified with a variety of transducers and sorted between different stations.

The Autoportal is mounted on a 750 x 960mm aluminium plate, which is grooved so as to facilitate adjustment and positioning of the different modules. The Autoportal includes a control and connection box which can be used for manual control or for connecting control systems (PLC).

The Autoportal is an excellent system for basics training, and can also be used for more advanced studies of control technology.

AUT300130 Autoportal is an educational model for automation training. It measures and identifies different products (samples) which differ as follows: The products are either 30 mm or 25mm in height.  They are either round Ø 50 mm or square having a side length of 50 mm. In addition they are either black or white and some of them have a metal covering. With the automation unit the student can learn how products are transported between the following stations.


  • Magazine (store) for incoming products
  • Measuring station for measuring height
  • Station for detecting the product material
  • Store for rejected products
  • Store for selected products (3)


General Data

Required number of I/O:s

20 in; 10 out


1 regulator with filter


15 Sensors, 5 Cylinders, 6 Valves


1 Ejector


1 Suction Cup


2 D-connectors 37 pin

Logic level:

+ 24 Volt

Working pressure range:

5-7 bar


750 x 960 x 1180 mm


50 kg

A PLC is required with the Autoportal. A suitable PLC can be quoted on request.