AUT309905-M Automatic Sectional Door Model


AUT309905-M Automatic Sectional Door Model is a miniature of a garage door. It consists of a roller shutter which can be hoisted up and down by means of a motor coupled to a cable system. The garage door can be controlled by either a rely-based control system or PLC. You can study start-stop functions, logical functions sequence and timing etc. Inductive sensors are used as limit switches. Other sensors can of course be used as optional.

The garage door is moved up and down by a DC-motor. It can be controlled manually by the push-buttons on the door side or with the switches on the Control Panel AUT309907 which is needed for both exercises.

It can also be controlled by a PLC e.g. AUT302020 via either labflexes or cables with D-sub contacts.

For these experiments the socket Module AUT302008 plus D-sub Module AUT309906 or D-sub / Sim Module AUT309908 are needed.

General Data:


500 x 400 x 430 mm


8 kg