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The TERCO High Voltage Experiments Manual is a comprehensive manual which contains laboratory exercises with detailed text and figures how to connect the equipment and perform the experiment

List of Experiments

1. Generation and Measurement of Alternating Voltage
A. Capacitive Divider
B. Sphere gaps and standard tables

2. Generation and Measurement of Direct Voltages 1
A. Load characteristics of Rectifiers
B. Measurement of Ripple Factor

3. Generation and Measurement of Direct Voltages 2
A. Greinacher Voltage Doubler Circuit
B. Polarity effect and Insulating screens

4. Generation of impulse voltages
A. Lightning impulse voltage
B. Single stage impulse voltage circuits
C. Peak value measurements with sphere gaps
D. Break down probability

5. Measurement of impulse voltages
A. Multiplex circuit after Marx
B. Impulse voltage divider
C. Impulse voltage time curves

6. Power frequency and Impulse Voltage Tests on Power Transformer
A. Specifications for high voltage tests
B. Insulation coordination
C. Break down test for insulating oil (Test oil is not supplied by TERCO)
D. Transformer test with alternating voltage (Transformer is not supplied by TERCO)
E. Transformer test with lightning impulse voltage (Transformer is not supplied by TERCO)

7. Experiment on solids and Insulating Liquids
A. Breakdown strength of hard board plate (Test oil and hard board is not supplied by

8. Experiment on Partial Discharge and Corona
A. Partial discharge at Needle electrode in air
B. Measurement in corona cage

9. Experiment on PD and Gliding Discharges
A. PD measurement in High Voltage Insulation
B. Measurement of Onset Voltages of Gliding Discharge

10. Breakdown of gases
A. Townsend mechanism
B. Streamer mechanism
C. Insulating gases (SF-6 Gas is not supplied by TERCO)