HV9134 Vessel for Vacuum and Pressure


HV9134 Vessel for Vacuum and Pressure for the determination of the flashover voltage of electrode arrangements as a function of vacuum and pressure.

The vessel consists of a Plexiglass cylinder fixed with top and bottom flanges which are connected to high voltage and ground potential respectively. 

The bottom cover is equipped with the necessary accessories like inlet valve, outlet valve and measuring gauges for pressure and vacuum.

The earthing terminal is provided in the bottom pedestal. The 50 mm sphere electrodes are mounted as shown in the HV9134 picture.

Technical data

AC Voltage


DC Impulse Voltage

140 kV

Max. operating pressure (abs):

0-6 bar


approx 800 mm


12 kg

The vessel is delivered with the following different electrodes:

  • Sphere electrodes 20 and 50 mm
  • Needle electrodes
  • Rod electrodes
  • Flat electrodes
  • Case for all parts