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The equipment listed in this brochure is designed especially for educational purposes. The motors, generators, load units and power supply units are interchangeable so that in addition to the listed experiments it is also possible to demonstrate installation wiring requirements, meter connections, motor symptoms during overload and many other important conditions necessary in different syllabis. A brief synopsis of experimental coverage is given below.

Machines Part 1

  • DC Generators, Series, shunt, compound, sep. excited.
  • DC Motors, Series, shunt, compound, sep. excited.
  • Synchronous Motor & Generator.
  • Slip Ring Motor.
  • Squirrel Cage Motor.

Machines Part 2

  • Dahlander Motor, 2 speed, 1 winding.
  • Universal Motor.
  • Reluctance Motor.
  • Capacitor Start Motor.
  • Capacitor Start and Run Motor
  • Induction Motor, 2 speed, 2 windings.
  • Induction Motor, thermistor protected.


No Load

E = f(lm)

Synch Gen.

IA = f(lM)


U = f(lB)

Synch. Motor

lA = f(Pout)


n = f(Pout)

Synch. Gen.

U = f(lA)


M = f(n)

Phase Compensation

Speed / Field

n = f(lm)

Reverse Current Braking

Speed / arm.

n = f(UA)

Loss Summation Tests


  1. MV1054 Torque Meter System together with prime mover or brake unit MV 1028 (alt. MV 1034).
  2. MV1036 Analogue Torque Meter (Dial) (alt. MV 1026).
  3. MV1028 DC-Machine (alt. MV1034) for more simplified experiments on motor / generators. (No torque)

All above torque measuring equipment can be connected to the Terco test machines on Terco Machine Bed MV1004.