Motor-Generator Set-Up with Flywheel

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MV1028 DC-machine is coupled via a MV1010 Flywheel to MV1008 Synchronous Machine.  Either machine can act as a motor. The above motor-generator is a set to determine moment of inertia and losses in a synchronous machine with large moment of inertia, symbolized by a flywheel.

Of course it is possible to add the MV1054 Torque Measuring unit to measure the torque if wanted. This set is also suitable for AC- generator tests as it is of little interest to know the torque when testing generators.

Machine Test Set

One of each product, unless otherwise indicated below.

MV 1028

DC Machine (alt. MV 1034)

MV 1003

Mobile Test Bench (alt. MV 1700)

MV 1004

Machine Bed

MV 1005

Pallet for Machines (3 pcs)

MV 1006

DC machine

MV 1007

Slip Ring Motor

MV 1008

Synchronous Machine

MV 1009

Squirrel Cage Motor

MV 1010


MV 2636

AC and DC Starter

MV 1025

Tachogenerator with cover

MV 1100

Load Resistor

MV 1101

Load Reactor

MV 1102

Load Capacitor

MV 1300

Power Pack (alt. MV 1302 or MV 1304)

MV 1903

Synchronizing Unit

MV 1417

Terminal Board

MV 1029

Protective cover

MV 1500

Load Switch

MV 1502

Reversing Switch

MV 1503

Star-Delta Switch

MV 1905

Shunt Rheostat (2 pcs)

MV 1925

Revolution Counter

MV 1830

Lab Flex Set  (alt. MV 1830-HF)

MV 1904

Flex Stand