MT 3005 Twist and Bend Testing Machine


MT 3005 Twist and Bend Testing Machine is a combined twist and bend testing machine. It can be used both in laboratory exercises, and in conjunction with theoretical work on twist and bendign. Its size and weight makes it easy to carry between classrooms.


You use twist tests to determine and compare the modulus of rigidity for different materials and to demonstrate the deformation formula.


You use bending tests to determine the modulus of elasticity of different materials. You also use them to demonstrate, for example, the relation between load, moment of inertia, distance between supports, modulus of elasticity, and deflection.
The test pieces for bending tests are of different dimensions, so you can determine the relation between moment of inertia and dimension of a material.

Exemples of experiments

– Investigate the relationship between load, span, dimensions and deflection of a beam.
– Ascertain the coefficient of elasticity for steel, brass, aluminium and wood.
– Investigate the relationship between the torsional moment, clamping length and torsional angle of a shaft.
– Determine the shear modulus of steel, brass, and aluminium.
– Investigate the difference of having one end of the test piece fixed, both ends fixed, and no end fixed.

MT3005 comprises:

– Twist and Bend Testing Machine
– Two loading devices ( 0.25 Kg )
– Two 1 kg weights
– Four 0.5 kg weights
– One dial gauge
– Seven steel test pieces of rectangular cross-section
– One wood test piece of rectangular cross-section
– Three test pieces, diameter 8 mm, of resp. steel, aluminium, and brass
– Two end fixtures
– Laboratory manual

Technical data

Max distance between supports 

600 mm

Accuracy of bending

 0.01 mm

Accuracy of twisting

 0.01 mm (degrees)


 790x225x345 mm


 13 kg