MT3004-E Strain Gauge Bridge with PC Interface


MT3004-E Strain Gauge Bridge with PC Interface is a measuring bridge for the study of deflection and load variations, suitable for use in combination with the Twist and Bend Testing Machine MT3005 and the test pieces of steel and aluminium. The two included test pieces are provided with two strain gauges (120 ) each, connecting cables and contacts. The gauges are protected against the ingress of moisture and against mechanical damage.

The measuring bridge is controlled by a microprocessor. The strain per unit of length (micro strain) is read directly on the instrument. The instrument has very high accuracy and can be used in connection with any strain gauge measurement provided the gauge factor value K is within 1.50 – 2.50. The equipment is equipped with interface for connection to PC and the necessary software is included in the delivery.

Software includes: Save measured data, graphic presentation, and calculations.

MT3004-E comprises

– Strain Gauge Bridge

– 2 test pieces with strain gauges (2 different steels)

– Connecting cables and contacts (4 mm)

– Manual

– Software