MT3012-E  Fatigue Testing Machine with PC Interface and Software


MT3012-E  Fatigue Testing Machine with PC Interface and Software

Rotary bending

With the varying load to which most machines are exposed it is not the static break point but the fatigue limit which decides when a fracture occurs. Fatigue strength is thus of very great significance in machine design. MT3012-E provides a simple way of learning the effect of radius of fillet, surface smoothness, etc. on a material subjected to fluctuating flexural stresses. The machine is delivered with interface to PC and Software.

MT3012-E is driven by a 1-phase asynchronous motor.

The number of load changes is read directly on the LCD-display as well as the applied force. The tapered test pieces is attached to a very stable shaft in two spherical ball bearings. The force is applied to the test piece with a spring and can be varied between 0 and 255 N

Test can be carried out with

a) Fixed applied force

b) Fixed deviation

By use of the front panel you can program the test to stop at certain preset values. This ensure exact measurement and is of great advantage in experiments of a lengthy nature such as recording of a complete Wöhler curves. By using the included software you can set all para-meters and start and stop the machine. During the test the revolutions, force, limited force and real time diagram will be indicated on the screen. The events will be recorded and can be printed.

The machine can be used with or without PC.

MT3012-E has a micro-processor which, on the fracture of the test piece, automatically switch-off the voltage to the motor via a relay. This ensures exact measurement and is of great advantage in experiments of a lengthy nature, such as the recording of complete Wöhler curves.

Examples of experiments:

  • Test the fatigue strength of a material subjected to changes in bending stress
  • Investigate the effect of the radius of the fillet and suface smoothness
  • Record a simple Wöhler diagram
  • Determine a Wöhler diagram for different radii of fillet and for different materials

MT3012-E comprises

  • Fatigue Testing Machine
  • Tool box containing all the necessary tools
  • 5 test pieces of each  (tot. 15 pcs)
  • Computer Interface
  • Laboratory manual

Test pieces steel


Radius of fillet

Surface smoothnes

1 (MT3026-1)


0.5 mm

4 µ

2 (MT3026-2)


2 mm

4 µ

3 (MT3026-3)


2 mm

25 µ



Testpieces in aluminum and brass are available on request.

Technical data

Test piece diameter

8 mm

Max. load

255 N

Supply voltage

230V  50-60Hz (MT3012-E)

110V  60Hz (MT3012-E-116)

Speed (approx)

3000 rpm resp. 3600 rpm


980x280x460 mm


24 kg