MT3016 Impact Tester


MT3016 Impact Tester is a robust, easily handled bench impact tester (Charpy) made to standard specifications.

It demonstrates in a simple and reliable manner how the impact strength characteristics of a material are affected at, for example, low temperature. This is of great importance for the choice of material in applications subjected to heavy temperature fluctuations.

It is also useful when a teacher wishes to demonstrate how the impact strength of a material is affected by different kinds of heat treatments, e.g. hardening, tempering, and normalizing.

With MT3016 the student can do his laboratory exercises without difficulty.



The machine has a heavy and stable cast iron mounting with  holes for bench attachment. The stand consists of two robust steel bars.

The pendulum is mounted in ball bearings and precision balanced. The test piece supports are hardened  and ground. The distance between supports can easily be adjusted. The scale is graduated in joules and shows directly the energy required to break off the test piece. The pendulum is braked with a friction brake.

Examples of experiments

  • Investigate the effect of carbon content on impact strength
  • Investigate the effect of temperature on impact strength
  • Investigate the effect of normalization on impact strength

MT3016 comprises:

Impact Tester

10 sets test pieces of 3 different steel qualities (tot 30 pieces)

Laboratory Manual

Test pieces for MT3016

Item no.

Impact Test Piece



Construction Steel (red)



Engineering Steel (yellow)



Tooling Steel (green)



Technical data

Max. impact energy

15 joule (1 J= 1 Nm)

1 Scale graduation

0.1 joule


358 mm

Dimensions of test pieces

6x6x44 mm


170x290x615 mm


30 kg