MT3017 Tensile and Brinell Testing Machine


MT3017 Tensile and Brinell Testing Machine is a hydraulic tensile testing machine with a screw-type operating cylinder which results in completely smooth and stepless loading. The cylinder is operated by a crank designed so only light hand power is required to obtain maximum load.

The pedagogic design of the machine allows the student to observe what is happening throughout the entire process. Its convenient size and sturdy structure make the MT3017 a highly reliable and safe machine. The power is shown on a large and clearly visible indicating instrument which is graduated in kN (kilo Newton). The instrument has a maximum value indicator on the test rod which shows the power at failure.

The extension is measured by a gauge with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.

The machine provides extremely fine tensile testing charts where the elastic range, the yield range, and the plastic range are clearly indicated.

The tensile test rods for the MT3017 are 5 mm in diameter with threaded ends. This makes them very easy to mount and also ensures reliable fastening.


The MT3017 can also be used for Brinell testing.

A Brinell kit MT3019-3017 and measuring magnifier are included. This machine may also be used for bending and buckling tests.


Test pieces included in delivery of MT3017

  • MT3018-1, Tensile Test Rods, steel – 5 pcs
  • MT3018-2, Tensile Test Rods, aluminium – 5 pcs
  • MT3018-3, Tensile Test Rods, brass – 5 pcs
  • MT3018-4, Tensile Test Rods, copper – 5 pcs
  • MT3019-1, Brinell Test Piece, steel – 5 pc
  • MT3019-2, Brinell Test Piece, aluminium – 5 pc
  • MT3019-3, Brinell Test Piece, brass – 5 pc
  • MT3019-4, Brinell Test Piece, copper – 5 pc


Optional equipment

MT3037-2 Clamping Jaws. See page 7

MT3037-3 Compressing Tool Set. See page 7

MT3007 Bending Test Set. See page 5

Technical  data

Maximum load

20 kN

Max movment of operating cylinder 

Approx. 20mm


360x360x820 mm


24 kg


MT3017 comprises:

MT3018 Tensile Equipment. See page 7

  • Test piece holders
  • Tensile test rod set incl. 4 x 5 pieces: steel, aluminium, brass, and copper

MT3019-3017 Brinell Testing Set. See page 7

  • Steel ball indentor (10mm)
  • Brinell test set incl. 4 x 5 testpieces: steel, alumininum, brass and copper
  • Measuring magnifier

Tool Box containing:

  • Sliding caliper and above testpieces
  • Laboratory manual