MV1015-405 Reluctance Motor


A reluctance motor starts as an induction motor, but operates normally as synchronous motor. A three-phase reluctance motor is self-starting when started as an induction motor. After starting, in order to pull it into step and then to run it as a synchronous motor, the reluctance motor has low rotor resistance. Some rotor teeth are removed to form a typical construction of a four-pole rotor.


General Data

50 Hz

60 Hz


0.9 kW

0.9 kW


1500 rpm

1800 rpm

Delta Connection

220-240 V, 6.4 A

220-240 V, 6.4 A


360 x 300 x 310 mm



Shaft height 162 mm



25 kg



MV1015-695 Reluctance Motor

Same as MV 1015-235 but for 380-415 V, 3-phase, Delta.