MV1028 DC Machine


Machine Test System

A DC-machine is used together with test machines, e. g. a synchronous machine as below in order to study characteristics. The DC-machine is placed on a machine bed on which different test machines can be mounted quickly and simply. The DC- machine can be connected either as brake generator or driving motor depending on the object to be tested. The connections are made as safety terminals on the panel, integrated with the machine. The machines have an anodized aluminium foundation, coupling, eyebolt and terminal block with mimic diagram. Guides and plastic rails under the foundation ensure that each machine is aligned accurately and slides easily on the stand.

MV1028 DC Machine

Complete with interpoles. This machine is used in test machine sets such as motors or generators, mounted on a 10 mm thick anodized aluminium plate to be placed on the machine bed MV 1004.


General Data




2.2 kW 1500 rpm

2.2 kW 1800 rpm


2.0 kW 1400 rpm

2.0 kW 1700 rpm


220 V 0.8 A

220 V 0.8 A


220 V 12 A

220 V 12 A

Moment of inertia

J = 0.012 kgm2


465 x 310 x 310 mm


Shaft height 162 mm


50 kg

MV1028-225 is designed for tests on AC motors with 50 Hz ratings.

MV1028-226 is designed for tests on AC motors with 60 Hz ratings.

MV1034-225 and MV1034-226 DC-Machine

Same as MV 1028 but with through shaft with two couplings. For central mounting on the machine bed.
See also text under MV1026-225 resp. MV1026-226 (Page 7)