MV1420 Line Model


MV1420 Line Model corresponds to a power transmission line of a length 136 km, voltage 77 kV, amperage 100 A, power rating 13 MW.

Technical data


220-240 V, three-phase (corresponding to 77 kV)


5 A (corresponding to 100 A)

Line resistance

1.5 ohms

Line reactance

3.15 ohms

Line capacitance divided into capacitance to earth (4 µF) and mutual line capacitance between phases (8 µF).

Earth impedance

0.8 ohm


5 A


410 x 245 x 160 mm


10 kg

The following studies can be made:

  1. Measurements of characteristic data, resisance, reactance and capacitance of a line.
  2. As transmission line: Measurement of voltage drop and losses for different loads.
  3. For two-phase and especially three-phase short circuit measurements with two three phase transformers, one at each end.
  4. For single-phase and two-phase earth fault measurements.

The network model can be used to complete a series of experiments with transmission lines. Those listed and described in detail in the instruction manual include:

Characteristic data of the line

  • Voltage drop on the lines
  • Short circuit tests
  • Earth fault