MV1915 Transformer 3-Phase

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MV1915 Transformer 3-Phase


Three-phase, 2 kVA, 50-60 Hz, 230/2 x 66.5 V per phase


0-133-230 V ± 5 % per phase


Two 66.5 V windings per phase, each winding having tappings for 0-38.4-44-66.5 V (± 5 %)

The tappings are so arranged that 230 V (star or delta connection) and 133 V (star, delta or zig-zag connection) can be obtained for all standard connections.

This transformer has safety sockets mounted on the frontpanel with mimic diagrams.

No load losses

Po = 35 W

Impedance voltage

ek = 8%

Resistance voltage

ek = 3%

With MV 1915, asymmetrical loading and parallel connection of three-phase transformers for different three-phase combinations on the primary and secondary side, can be studied.It can also be used for determination of operating characteristics, losses and efficiency.


300 x 190 x 345 mm


33 kg