MV1939 AC Power Energy Meter


The Terco MV1939 AC Power Energy Meter is a practical solution for the study of 1, 2 and 3-Phase AC power systems up to 500VAC/10A.
A microprocessor-based energy meter provides the user with an instant overview of the relevant three or four-wire, 3-Phase network parameters in balanced or unbalanced networks.
The simplified connection process means your laboratory experiments can be set up and taken down in just minutes, leaving more time to investigate and understand the characteristics and ambiguities of 3-Phase power networks.
The Terco MV1939 AC Power Energy Meter enables the measurement and visualization of a wide range of parameters in the study of symmetrical as well as non-symmetrical networks, such as: phase voltages, phase-to-phase voltages, line currents, mean three-phase current, mean three-phase voltage, mean phase-to-phase voltage, three-phase active, reactive and apparent powers, mean three-phase power factors.
The visualization of parameters is distributed over several pages (default preset to display five pages) where each page simultaneously displays four parameters.
The power Energy Meter is furthermore equipped with a standardized industrial data acquisition protocol (Modbus) and is compatible with the MV2609 Terco DAQ software (MV1943 Computer Interface is necessary).
The MV2609 Terco DAQ software utilizes control and a real time graphical presentation programme incorporating data manipulation and export to Excel capabilities.


Technical Specifications

Power supply

220-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Measurement ratings


Voltage, V

500VAC max

Current, I

10AAC max

Reactive Power

5 kVAr

Active Power

5 kW

Cos Phi




Serial interface


Transmission protocol

Modbus RTU8N2

Baud Rate


Environmental Conditions

Ambient temperature


Air humidity

25…95% (no condensation)

Size and weight  W x H x D

255 x 205 x 335mm