MV2658 PWM DC Control Module

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MV2658 is an indispensable equipment in the electrical machines laboratory as it can be used in several different types of applications. It can be used as a DC-Machine Drive in the range up to 1.2kW, a Generator Field Controller (VAr controller), or a Machine Brake Controller suitable with Terco equipment in the range up to 3.3kW (see section 3 applications).

Technical Specifications

  • PWM (16kHz) Based Excitation Voltage 0-260VDC.
  • Selectable Current Limit Levels (front panel switch): 1.7ADC, 2.5ADC, 3.5ADC, 5.0ADC, 7.5ADC
  • Fixed Excitation Output 200VDC (for DC Drive application).
  • PWM Controlled Excitation on the front panel control (0-100% Duty Cycle) or from the control input (fully isolated, 0-10VDC = 0-100% Duty Cycle).
    The control input can be used for instance in PC based control together with Terco DAQ software. (Optional analog output interface unit necessary).
  • Control Methods selectable between PWM Controlled Excitation Voltage Feedback and External Analog Voltage Feedback.
  • Power Supply 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 255 x 195 x 330mm
  • Weight: 8kg (approximatly)
Electrical Machines Laboratory