MV2658 PWM DC Control Module


MV2658 is an indispensable equipment in the electrical machines laboratory as it can be used in several different types of applications. It can be used as a DC-Machine Drive in the range up to 1.2kW, a Generator Field Controller (VAr controller), or a Machine Brake Controller suitable with Terco equipment in the range up to 3.3kW (see section 3 applications).

Technical Specifications

  • PWM (16kHz) Based Excitation Voltage 0-260VDC.
  • Selectable Current Limit Levels (front panel switch): 1.7ADC, 2.5ADC, 3.5ADC, 5.0ADC, 7.5ADC
  • Fixed Excitation Output 200VDC (for DC Drive application).
  • PWM Controlled Excitation on the front panel control (0-100% Duty Cycle) or from the control input (fully isolated, 0-10VDC = 0-100% Duty Cycle).
    The control input can be used for instance in PC based control together with Terco DAQ software. (Optional analog output interface unit necessary).
  • Control Methods selectable between PWM Controlled Excitation Voltage Feedback and External Analog Voltage Feedback.
  • Power Supply 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 255 x 195 x 330mm
  • Weight: 8kg (approximatly)