MV2661 AC-Control


The MV2661 AC-Control is an AC drive primarily designed for speed control of a 3-phase squirrel cage induction motor. Its purpose is to create a sinusoidal (or close to) 3-phase voltage that is connected to the stator of an AC-motor. The AC-drive controls the pulse width and the frequency of the supplied voltage and can therefore keep the motor running at constant speed although the mechanical load applied at the rotor shaft varies. The AC drive includes an autotune-function which automatically identifies the electrical and mechanical parameters of the connected induction motor.

The drive is capable of operating machines up to 1.5kW. It controls the output voltage 0-240V and frequency 0.1-600Hz. The maximum output current is 7.5A and the input current 15.7A (fuse size 15A).

It is mainly designed to operate together with Terco MV-machines, which are sized 1.1 – 1.5kW.

The AC CONTROL MV2661 is furtheron equipped with an internal brake chopper and an internal brake resistor which makes it possible to study short ramp time braking coarses.

All essential signals are connected to the front to make it possible not only to run typical experiments verifying the theory but also to make it possible to run the drive out of more advanced industrial aspects.

Technical specifications

Max. Applicable Motor Output


Rated Output Capacity


Rated Output Current


Maximum Output Voltage

3-ph prop. to input V.

Rated Input Current

15.7A (Fused 15A)

Power Supply

220-240VAC, 50/60Hz,

Voltage Tolerance

+-10% (180-264V)

Frequency Tolerance

+-5% (46-63Hz)