MV4207-3 DC-Motor Drive


MV4207-3 DC-Motor Drive, Three-phase 4-Quadrant Rectifier, Three-Phase supply

Covers the latest development in DC-motor PC-controlled operation with 6 pulse 4Q rectifiers. The equipment is designed to work according to different function principles and it is possible to explain several different types of DC-drives depending on the purpose and industrial environment from traction to paper- and steel mills.

Output current/voltage can be chosen to optimize torque/angular speed or to optimize other parameters by using a PC and the enclosed software.

When braking, the energy is transferred directly to the supplying network by operating in all four quadrants.

The field rectifier can be programmed manually or from a PC for optimized field control.

The 4Q DC Drive can be used in the conception of speed/torque control versus electro-machine theory. The equipment is also

suitable for experiments and tests in industrial applications.

Technical Specification


Input voltage:

3-phase 3 x 400 V + N + PE, 50-60 Hz

Input max current:

16 A

Output voltage:

0 – 230 V DC (programmable to 0-400V)

Output current:

0 – 12 A (max 16 A)

Nominal output power:

2 kW (max 3 kW)


Tutorial but with the PC-controlled industrial / professional aspects enhanced.

Control modes:

Manually by front components, Manually by Operator Station, PC by RS 232 +”DELite”” + software

Front controls:

Manually Digital > 20, Analogue > 4


by PC or Operator Station

Self-tuning: by PC or Operator Station

Built-in protections and contactor relays


520 x 450 x 280 mm


25 kg

Built-in Instrument Functions

The enclosed software will make it possible to configure the internal connections and operating principles by using a standard PC. On the screen it is possible to monitor 3 analogue instruments and edit a number of signals/parameters in parallel, which can be saved and printed. The number of parameters/tags possible to study exceeds 200.

Standard Settings and Advanced Settings

Most parameters are set by default but settings can also be done manually from the front controls: Typically: Speed, Max Speed, Acc ram, Flux, Ret ramp, I-lim etc. Advanced settings, >200 parameters/tags, are performed by Operator Station on the unit, PC nearby the unit, connected to COM1 (COM2).


Consists of a large quantity of experiments where related theoretical analyzes and explanations are performed in each experiment. Experiments furtheron covers basic operation and autotuning as well as more advanced operation directly from the drive keypad (operator station) or from PC where signal analysis also are possible by means of the chart recorder and the oscilliscope function.