PST2231 Power Grid Switchgear Module



PST2231 Power Grid Switchgear Module allows the user to interconnect several power sources and loads to simulate a transmission and distribution grid.

The unit consist of 5 high voltage OH transmission line models connecting 4 different HV buses. Each bus have 2, 3-phase terminals for the connection of various power sources and loads. Full control are obtained by 18 inbuilt circuit breakers and a dynamic synchronization system.

The synchronization system connects multiple power sources into a live system at any of the 18 inbuilt breakers.

Synchronization is controlled from the Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screen operator panel.

Each circuit breaker is fully monitored via advanced 3-phase power network transducers.

Each transducer provides more than 20 power network parameters each, to enable complete monitoring of the network status at all points.

The monitored quantities are to be presented on the HMI, showing the power flow at each point in the network simultaneously.

Each Transmission line model is split into 2 sections and is equipped with connection terminals at halfway, to allow faults such as short -circuits and earth faults to be connected at midway in the transmission line.

Technical Specifications

Digital Instruments

  • Synchroscope
  • Three-phase instruments (V,A,W,VAR)


PST2231 has 4 buses where each allows 2 incoming power sources or outgoing loads. Each bus also has 2-3 outgoing feeders which can be used to connect the transmission lines to other buses in PST2231. Each incoming or outgoing feeder is controlled via a local circuit breaker.

Power Lines

PST2231 has 5 transmission lines consisting of two π link models in series with front panel and access to the midpoint of each line for fault simulations on the line.


The touch screen HMI provides the user with measurements of over 20 power network parameters at each of the 18 switchgear cubicles. These parameters, when viewed together, provide an overview of the power flow at all points in the network simultaneously


  • Enables interconnection of several PST2200 systems or parts thereof (e.g. PST2210)
  • Synchronization with line selector switch
  • Simulation of a large power grid
  • Possibility to create a redundant power grid and study the operation of faulty transmission lines
  • 4 transfer blocks for interconnection with other PST2200 modules




540x1900x1075 mm



132 kg

Power Supply

400V 3-phase, 16A. Each module connects 5 pole (L1, L2, L3, N, Earth) with CEE connection

The sketch shows how multiple power systems can be linked together using PST2231

Photovoltaic Module

The photovoltaic module consists of three solar panels framed in a sturdy aluminium frame, designed to be mounted on ground on a stand or on a roof top. The panels together with the electrical equipment are all IP65 or higher classed, making them suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions.

Panels Specification

3 x monocrystalline:

Aluminium frame, designed for environments with high temperature

  • Maximum Power (Pmax): 265W
  • Short Circuit Current (typical A/lsc): 41
  • Open Circuit Voltage (typical V/Voc: 7


3 x micro inverter:

  • A micro inverter accompanies to each panel in order to convert the DC to AC. 250W / inverter, Grid-tied


Light sensor:

  • Measures the amont of irradience in the current

Temperature sensor:

  • Panel temperature


Three solar panels.

Each panel:




1650 x 990 x 120 mm.

Dimension specifies panel folded down without wheels.



22 kg