PST2250-150 TERCO SCADA System


PST2250-150 TERCO SCADA System is a Complete Laboratory Control and Monitoring System for the TERCO Power System Simulator PST 2200 including General Electric iFix Software package and computer.

iFIX is a superior proven real-time information management and SCADA solution, which is open, flexible and scalable. It includes impressive, laest-generation visualization tools, a reliable control engine, and more.

Full system overview is provided via a tripple screen solution including user-selected page location.

As never before, this best in class software allows you to perform better analysis and leverage more reliability, flexibility, and scalability .

Complete access rights management and administration for both groups and individuals from Viewing Only to Full Control access of selectable modules.

Easy installation of additional power system modules for trouble-free future upgrades.

Presentation of user-selected Trend Data for intuitive power system monitoring over time.

It is possible to connect multiple clients. Consequently multiple students can work simultaneously.

With the TERCO SCADA system, synchronization can be performed remotely at multiple points in the PST. Key parameters such as voltage and frequency are presented in real-time during the easy synchronization process.

All instruments, isolators and breakers, are indicated on screen even when operated from front panels. This facilitates for the teacher to study the work of the students without interfering.

The Equipment comprises:

  1. Advanced Measuring System connected on a local bus for instrumentation which through SCADA will reflect the real environment.
  2. PLC’s to operate Isolators and Circuit Breakers together with auxiliary contactor functions for external connections.
  3. PLC’s to control Generator Speed/Frequency and Voltage.
  4. Corresponding Software with Development Version License (Not only run-time).

Industrial SCADA system development version. Features:

Indication Modules:

  • Isolator and Breaker Status Control.
  • Alarm Indications from Protection Relays.
  • Extraction and Visualization of Disturbance Records

Full access to protections relays including parameter setting and Disturbance Records possible via a standard web browser.

It is possible to view important analogue current and voltage sinus waveforms in a suitable graph, together with protection’s binary input and output status for in-depth fault analysis after such an event has occurred.

Voltage and current vectors is presented alongside the graph with the possibility to scroll to any timepoint for  simultaneous waveform and vector comparison.

Monitoring of system-wide power network characteristics occur via several industrial three-phase instruments, each comprising 20 parameters, such as:

  • Voltage (ph-ph, ph-N, mean ph-ph, mean ph-N)
  • Current (phases and mean) which enables the possibility to monitor non-symmetrical behaviour
  • Active, reactive and apparent power (both phases and mean), cos phi etc.

Additional characteristics are monitored via single phase instruments, such as:

  • Generator exitation current
  • Voltage meters for bus bars

Remotely Controlled Modules:

  • Motor (Turbine) Speed
  • Generator Voltage
  • Synchronization
  • Loads
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Isolators
  • Alarm Resetting
  • Protection relay parameter settings
  • Fault injections


  • All Isolators and Circuit Breakers are interlocked by PLC’s, to prevent faulty operation orders
  • Replicates all PST 2200 System main module configurations
  • Easily visualization of control and monitoring images
  • Event logging (Alarm history)

The price includes the following:

  • Complete hardware as above, software and software license
  • Suitable high specification PC with 3 wide screens
  • Manual covering essential descriptions
  • Installation, commissioning and 1-2 days Basic Teacher Training at site by TERCO Engineer

(Installation/commissioning is valid only if SCADA is bought and installed together with the PST-modules).


Three screens per SCADA System as standard.

Each screen



620x360x400 mm



5 kg

Computer (one computer per SCADA System):



170x400x450 mm



6 kg

The dimensions and weights can vary slightly with any new screen and computer.