PST2252-1 SCADA Student Terminal


PST2252-1 SCADA Student Terminal contains:

  • Suitable PC with wide screen
  • Software license and communication card for connection to Master PC
  • Necessary cables and components for connection to master PC in the same room

One SCADA Terminal can be able to control the whole PST system like the Master PC with the possibility to limit rights from Full Administrator Control to View Only Access.

This choice should be set from the Master PC via access rights management console.

Student Terminal requires SCADA iFix Master. Up to 64 students Terminals can be connected.

Full access to protections relays including parameter setting and Disturbance Records should be possible via a standard web browser.

It should be possible to view important analogue current and voltage sinus waveforms in a suitable graph, together with protection’s binary input and output status for in-depth fault analysis after such an event has occurred.

Voltage and current vectors should be presented alongside the graph with the possibility to scroll to any timepoint for simultaneous waveform and vector comparison.







620x360x400 mm



5 kg






170x400x450 mm



6 kg

The dimensions and weights can vary slightly with any new screen and computer.