PST2280 Power Factor Controller



With the PST2280 Power Factor Controller the currents caused by reactive power losses can be minimized, and thereby optimizing the transfer of energy between generation and load. This is getting more and more important when ”saving energy” is vital in a world with focus on pollution and shortage of energy.

Technical Specifications

Number of 3-ph groups:

  • 12 capacitive
  • 2 inductive

Power Factor Setting:

  • 7 inductive to 0.7 capacitive
  • Nominal voltage – 3×400 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Nominal power –  0 – 2 kVAr cap., 0 – 2 kVAr ind.

PF-Controller with touch screen (HMI):

  • Automatic or manual modes
  • Adjustable delay times, switching sequences and strategies

Monitoring and Measurement on the Controller:

  • Power factor (compensated)
  • Switching modes – linear, circular
  • Panel mounted digital instruments
  • Voltmeter (RMS)
  • Ammeter (RMS)

Parameter Trend Visualization in graph form on HMI

Digital Instruments:

  • Incoming 3-phase current
  • Outgoing 3-phase current
  • Power Factor Downstream (uncompensated)
  • Bank branch 3-phase currents

Power Supply:

1-ph 220 – 240 V 50-60 Hz (internally supplied)






 1050x1900x1075 mm



212 kg