PTG1520-1523 Transmission / Distribution OH Line Modules


PTG1520-1523 Transmission / Distribution OH Line Modules have scaled down 3-phase OH transmission lines with different values. For each Line it is possible to change and combine impedance elements to constitute other Overhead Lines (OH) High Voltages (HV) levels.

On the request other line values are possible to order.       

All models have inductors, capacitors and resistors designed to withstand overload and surges for dynamic as well as for static experiments. 

All parameters of the transmission models can be changed easily by both internal and external combinations, together with the possibilities of arranging the models in series, parallel or in grid networks.

Each line model consists of a three-phase pi-link and an earth link.

A safety switch is incorporated on the backside to ensure earthing of the ModuleWith our Transmission Line Modules, we have a unique combination of HV-lines, Medium-Voltage lines, OH-distribution Voltage lines and Distribution Voltage cables which will enable studies of the typical parameters and characteristics within the four main groups of AC-power transmission and corresponding need of compensation.

It is possible to isolate/separate the different R, L, and C characteristics of each line for individual analysis.

Relevant errors can be programmed for troubleshooting exercises via PTG1570 Fault Module

Technical Specification


OH-HV π-link

  77 kV

13 MVA

136 km


OH-HV π-link

230 kV

110 MVA

100 km


Cable MV π-link

11 kV


5 km


MV-HV π-link

33 kV

 20 MVA

 20 km

Power Supply:

1-ph 220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Power bus:

3-phase 400V AC/ 2A with 4 mm safety connectors.


600 x 420 x 210 mm


15 kg