Safe Power Distribution in the laboratory


TERCO’s system with insulating transformer ensures a safe working environment for the students. The layout is also most important when designing a functional laboratory. It is of great importance that equipment and furniture are taken into account early in the planning stage. A standard solution for planning a laboratory for 16 students can be seen below. If the space of the laboratory has been determined already, the standard solution may not be applicable. Our engineers will be pleased to advise on any individual requirements.

Laboratory Layout

  1. Four Torque Meter Benches complete with accessories such as motors, generators, loads, power supplies, switches, flex stands with flexes.
  2. Four benches for experiments where the motor bench is not necessary and for theoretical follow-up of the experiments. Transformer tests, relay tests etc. can e.g. also be performed on these tables
  3. Cabinets for instruments, tools and accessories.
  4. Teacher desk.
  5. Machine jack.
  6. Terco Safety Power Distribution System with key-operated central, transformer, student-panels and emergency stops.
  7. MV1054 Torque Meter System
  8. MV1100 Load Resistor
  9. TF1252 Student Panel
  10. MV1904 Flex stand
  11. MV1300/1302 Power Pack


Terco reserves the right to make changes in the design and modifications or improvements of the products at any time without incurring any obligations.