SM 2652 4-Quadrant DC Controller


SM 2652 4-Quadrant DC Controller is an isolated 4 Quadrant speed controller for separately magnetized or permanent motors. It utilizes speed feedback from the armature voltage (Avf), or from a shaft mounted tachogenerator. It incorporates a fully controlled anti-parallel thyristor bridge for supplying and absorbing power during the forward or breaking conditions.

Technical Specifications


Power Supply

220-240VAC, 50/60Hz


50 – 60 Hz

Mains supply fuses

Diazed, 250 V/20A, ultra fast.

Mains voltage control

Switch/ind. Lamp

Armature voltage

0 – 170 V DC

Armature current

0 – 6.8 A DC

Field voltage, approximately

170 V DC

Field current

2 A DC maximum

Tacho voltage typically

15 V per 1000 rpm


250 x 200 x 310mm

Weight (kg)

1 kg

Potentiometer controls:

Settings which are available from the potentiometers include: Current limit, Current proportional (Current integral automatic), IR compensation, Speed proportional, Speed integral, Maximum speed calibration, Zero speed adjust, Ramp up, Ramp down.

Diagnostics LEDs:

Diagnostic indications are provided for: Power ON, Stall trip, Over current, PLL (Phase Locked Loop) and Current limit

Operational controls:


Mains switch

Mains to power terminals L1/N ON

RUN (switch)  on

Trigger signals ON

Feed back selector switch

VA or tacho generator

Experiment potentiometers

2 pc 10kohm

Experiment switches

2-way 2-pole selector switches , 2 NO push buttons