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Electrical Power Systems

TERCO has comprehensive Engineering Training Equipment for the Power Systems Laboratory covering:

  • Power Systems Simulators with Power Plant Module, Transmission Module, Substation  Module, Load Module, SCADA Module
  • Transformers and Transmission Lines Trainer
  • Protective Relay Trainers
  • High Voltage Equipment (HV-lab)

Electrical Machines & Drives Program

TERCO has different training systems within electrical machines and motor control:

  • High performance Electrical Machines of approx 1kW
  • High tech mobile system, covering all you need for training in Electrical Machines and corresponding Motor Drives 1kW
  • Motor control system 250W

Electricity & Electronics

Terco provides a complete range of equipment for training in Analogue Electronics, Digital Electronics and Power Electronics for complete Electronics Laboratories as well as laboratory equipment for DC, single-phase AC and 3-phase AC in basic electricity.

Terco provides different types of training equipment within electrical installation and fault finding. The equipment can be used in Vocational Training Laboratories, Technical Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities especially for hands on training.

Control, Mechatronics & Process

Terco has a comprehensive programme within Control Technology and Automation covering PLC, Mechatronics, Pneumatic & Controls, Servo Systems and Stepper Motors.


Energy trainer

Windmill trainer

Material Testing

Our Material Testing Equipment for the testing of materials properties is conveniently compact and covers Twist & Bend Testing, Tensile & Brinell Testing, Fatigue Testing and  Impact Testing.

Power Distribution Systems and Furniture

In a changing world, It’s good to be prepared for the unexpected. In most countries the education changes with society demands. The number of students will always differ as will the carriers they choose. TERCO Flexi Bench is a well recognized solution to build combined laboratory- and/or theory classrooms to meet the needs within natural science- and technical education.

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