Power System Simulator


General Introduction

TERCO Power System Simulator PST 2200 is built upon free standing, mobile modules which can be operated separately, and one SCADA Sys-tem Module.

Linked together they constitute a complete power system and contain everything needed to teach and train students as well as engineers how electrical power systems work – from generation to utilization. The system can be completed at any time, with an automatic Power Factor Controller, extra Motor Turbine-Generator sets and with the SCADA system for complete control and operation.

PST2200 Modules

  • PST2210  Power Plant Module
  • PST2212  Additional Power Plant Module
  • PST2221  Transmission Lines Module
  • PST2230  Receiving Substation Module
  • PST2222  Distribution Lines Module
  • PST2291  Solar Power Module
  • PST2231  Power Grid Switchgear Module
  • PST2280  Power Factor Controller.
  • PST2240  Load Module.
  • PST2250  SCADA Module.


PST2200 Power System Simulator Lab Brochure - High resolution

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PST2200 Power System Simulator Lab Brochure - Low resolution

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PST2200 Power System Simulator – Movie

  Introduction Movie PST2200 Power System Simulator

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