Energy Trainer


The equipment can be used for both, basic and advanced studies in the topics of energy and process.

The detailed manual covers:

– Different topics within energy, such as temperature, pressure, flow, efficiency etc.
– Conversion, transport and storing of ­energy.

The equipment consists of a prime circuit which transports energy to a secondary circuit by a heat exchanger. Boiler and pumps are controlled individually via potentiometers on the front or an operator’s panel or a PC. Values for temperature, pressure and flow may be read out directly with separate instruments, or via HMI (Human Machine Interface) operator’s panel. All values shown on the operator’s panel may also be transferred to a PC and used in an Excel-sheet. The equipment is normally delivered fixed onto a trolley (table).

Energy Bench 3000 Brochure - High resolution

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Energy Bench 3000 Brochure - Low resolution

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