Process-, Control & Mechatronic Systems


Process control and measuring techniques is a modern educational packet containing technical literature and hardware. Our systems are developed and tested in a working environment in line with the demands of modern education. Our program PID-Future together with the interface (PF-1) and many different control component in combination provide a package that can handle the most common control processes. Terco Mecha-Kit is a separate modular system for learning the basics of pneumatics and control techniques. The Energy and Process Control trainer for Process Control Equipment and Measuring Techniques is educational package containing technical literature and hardware.

  • Process Control Technology and Measuring Technique PID
  • Servo Systems
  • Energy and Process Control trainer
  • Control Technique – PLC
  • Automatic Sectional Door Model
  • Elevator model
  • Mecha-Kit System
  • Instrument and Accessories

Process-, Control- and Mechatronics - High resolution

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Process-, Control- and Mechatronics - Low resolution

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