Power Distribution Systems and Furniture for Labs

Terco supplies complete distribution systems, which are designed with personnel safety in mind thereby increasing safety in school laboratories.

Terco’s system consists of a distribution panel installed in the classroom, and student panels for every desk. The whole system is protected by an ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) of  30 mA, which limits the current through the human body.

Each panel is protected by a MCB (Micro Circuit Breaker), making energizing and isolating a simple process for the teacher. There is also a protection device  which breaks the voltage in the event of an accidental disturbance in any phase. An emergency stop is placed in a prominent position in the classroom and will break all supplies when operated.

Young people can be impulsive which may result in increased wear and tear on the laboratory environment. Terco has 45 years experience and with our high quality products we can meet this challenge.

Power Distribution Furnitures Brochure - High Resolution

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