AUT300200 Mecha-Kit


Terco Mecha-Kit is a modular system for education in pneumatic and control techniques, known today as Mechatronics.

The Kit consists of an aluminium base plate and a hard case, and a plastic box containing a number of different components within the field of Mechanics, Electronics, and Pneumatics.

With the Kit the students can build a number of simple automatically controlled handling units where only the imagination of the students sets the limit.

All electrical wiring and pneumatic circuitry work is done by the students.

The combination of direct hands on training and almost unlimited possibilities, inspire the students and quickly increases their interest in this kind of engineering.

Most of the handling units can be linked to a PLC unit for automated control.

The units can be linked together and form a network and simulate a flexible manufacturing cell.

Mecha-Kit components are contained in a hard shell hand box which is easy to carry and easy to stowe away.

General Data:

Operating Voltage

24V DC +/- 10%

Working Pressure

5-7 bars


600 x 590 x 220 mm


17.5 kg