MV2225 Petersen Coil, Multi Terminal Unit


MV2225 Petersen Coil, Multi Terminal Unit – a Petersen coil is used together with OH-lines in the range of distribution voltage to medium voltage (MV).

The most common fault is line-to-earth where the current is limited by the phase voltage from the two healthy leads divided by the capacitive impedance added by the arc resistance and the remaining zero sequence impedance.

Since this current is mainly capacitive it could be balanced by an inductance between the neutral point of the transformer and ground. That is to say: when a line-to-earth fault occurs it will be extinguished automatically by the current in the Petersen coil and the re-closing device will connect power again in a fraction of a second.

Normally a HV-line has a firm ground. However, in this case we may also study a 230 kV model because of tutorial aspects.

Each inductance coil has three steps to optimize the reactance value for each line of  “11 kV”, “70 kV” and “230 kV”.

The 3 coils have following values:

L = 0.63 H and +/- 30 % terminals (70 kV)

L = 1.00 H and +/- 30 % terminals (230 kV)

L = 100 H and +/- 30 % terminals (11 kV)

MV2225 is to be used together with the Line Models MV1420, MV2221 and MV2222.

Technical data


410 x 245 x 160 mm

Weight :

11 kg