MV2609 Data Acquisition and Control Software


Acquisition functions

Data is read into the PC via Modbus to USB link and presented in real-time in both tabular and graph form. Data may be acquired using one of 4 possible acquirement modes: Single, Timed, Semi-Automatic and Full Automatic*. The saved data can then be exported in Excel format for further investigation.


Pre-configured experiment setups are included but the experiment presentation window is fully customizable, allowing the user to select available hardware, define data columns and set up graph parameters such as data sources and titles.
The software is designed to work with Terco Modbus instruments but may be set up to communicate with many Modbus devices.

Control functions*
When used together with the MV1943 Analog Output Module and the MV2658 PWM DC Control Module, the Data acquisition and Control software can be used to automatically control a DC machine which can be implemented, for example, as a mechanical brake.

Desired measurement points may be entered, after which the software will attempt to steer the connected machine and attain the data automatically. Protection limits may also be set for all monitored instruments in order to eliminate mechanical and/or electrical overstressing of the system.