PTG1305-405 Mobile Motor / Generator Unit


PTG1305-405 Mobile Motor / Generator Unit is a standard laboratory for power transmission normally consists of one or two generators, which are connected to one or more transmission links which finally reach transformers, distribution units and loads.

For example, here can be seen turbine/generators in parallel on the same busbar, a synchronous machine used as a synchronous compensator in the middle of a line, a single generator unit and a heavy group of generators.

Energy transfer, load shedding, static and dynamic stability at disturbances as well as sophisticated protection schemes can be studied under realistic forms. Not to forget compensation possibilities.

Power and current paths in grid networks are complicated. The TERCO system will give understanding for this problem.

Wide range of flexibility is achieved by the mobile generator station / synchronous alternator (compensator) PTG1305.

Two sets of PTG1305-405 can operate as described or work in parallel. Modes of Operation

PTG1305-405 can also be used to compensate for system power characteristics (active and reactive) via turbine speed and generator magnetisation.


Technical Specification

Power Supply:


380-415 V AC 3-ph


50 Hz/60Hz

Max current

16 A



Armature/stator  Volt

323-528 V AC


47-63 Hz

Armature/stator current

3.4 A

Input current

5.9 A

Rated output current

4.0 A

Rated output capacity

3.2 kVA


0-1800 rpm

Speed control/



0-1800 rpm

Active power control:

start- and stop ramps.

Feedback systems

Manual frequency setting.

Automatic/Constant setting

Field current supply


Synchronous generator:


Armature volt

0-140 / 240 V AC


1.2 kVA

Cos φ


Field volt

0-230 V DC

Voltage control/

Reactive power control

PWM min. ripple-converter, electronic current limit setting

Feedback systems

Manual voltage setting. Automatic/Constant setting. Separate voltage feedback

The Mobile Motor / Generator Module is equipped with Local Area Network communication for monitoring via PTG1631 SCADA Module.

Relevant faults can be connected for troubleshooting exercises via PTG1570 Fault Module


  • AC-machine
  • (Turbine simulator)

Parameters and indications selected by 4-lines display in HMI-unit for example:

  • Frequency setpoint 50Hz
  • Stator Electric Frequency 50Hz
  • Actual motor speed (from encoder) 1500 rpm at 50Hz, 1800 rpm at 60Hz
  • Motor current 2,20 A
  • DC-interlink voltage 520 V
  • Speed control potentiometer (=frequency control)
  • Feedback selector (Auto/ Man)

AC-machine M/G       

  • Armature voltage
  • Voltage selector switch
  • Armature current
  • Voltage control potentiometer
  • Feedback selector (Auto/ Man)
  • Field current ammeterSynchronizing device
  • Synchronizing instrument
  • Double voltmeter Du
  • Double frequency meter Df
  • Synchronizing switch
  • Automatic or manual synchronizing


  • Machines mounted on machine bed with Slidrails.
  • Control panel integrated with machines to one mobile unit.
  • Laboratory connections by 4 mm safety plugs. Possibilities of connecting different types of step-up transformers as well as other instruments and protections.


1550 x 800 x 1200 mm


200 kg (approx.)

Voltage and frequency variants


Power Supply

Synchronous Generator


400V 3-ph, 50Hz

230V 3-ph, 50Hz


400V 3-ph, 60Hz

230V 3-ph, 60Hz


400V 3-ph, 50Hz

400V 3-ph, 50Hz


400V 3-ph, 60Hz

400V 3-ph, 60Hz