PTG1455 Differential Relay Module


PTG1455 Differential Relay Module has a colour coded power inlet- and outlets for easy recognition of each phase.

Mimic diagrams of the circuit along with large clear symbols printed on the front panel.

Power bus circuit breaker switch:

  • A two state switch (ON/OFF) with LED indication of CB (Circuit Breaker) status.
  • Internal circuitry prevents operation of the CB during an unacknowledged trip.

Trip reset button:

  • Button for quick reset of LEDs and acknowledgement of a trip.
  • Control, monitoring and protection integrated in one IED
  • Fully IEC 61850 compliant.
  • Four independent parameter setting groups.
  • Large HMI with single line diagram.
  • RJ-45 interface for communication with PC
  • Three power lines; 1 incoming power line and 2 outgoing. Each line contain three phases L1, L2, L3 and Neutral wire.
  • 12 Current Transformers which enables the student to study various CT-connections.
  • Protection and Control IED Manager PCM600: Advanced software for configuration and parameter setting.
  • Front panel switches that enable the student to test differential protection on a double-busbar.

The PTG1455 Differtial Relay Module module is intended for advanced training in modern differential protection technology.

It is equipped with the fully IEC61850 compliant ABB RET615 protective relay which is one of the most sophisticated protection unit in the product family of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). 

RET615 is designed for differential protection of transformers, generators, line sections and their combinations.

The use of a highly advanced IED enables great possibilities to perform a wide range of laboratory experiments. 

Relevant faults can be connected for troubleshooting exercises via PTG1570 Fault Module.

The protective relay RET615 used in PTG1455 enables the student to learn and explore how to protect a variety of different power transformer connections with a differential protection scheme.

Technical Specification

Power Supply:

1-ph 220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz

Power bus:

(3-ph) 400V AC/ 2A with 4 mm safety connectors


357 x 483 x 420 mm


37 kg

Protective earth: one 4mm safety connector for external components at the rear of the unit.

RET615 Important Protection Functions

  • Differential Fault Protection
  • Three-phase non-directional overcurrent protection, low, high and instantaneous stage
  • Non-directional earth-fault protection, low and high stage
  • Negative-sequence overcurrent protection
  • Residual overvoltage protection

Full access to protections relays including parameter setting and Disturbance Records is possible via a standard web browser.

It is possible to view important analogue current and voltage sinus waveform vectors in a suitable diagram, together with protection’s binary input and output status for in-depth fault analysis after such an event has occurred.