PTG1631 SCADA System Module


PTG1631 SCADA System Module includes an advanced and stylish industrial standard HMI where measurement data from throughout the power system is collected, logged and presented.

Power system characteristics can be monitored and investigated in real-time on attractive virtual instruments. Time-lapse data tracked and presented clearly in trend charts and values stored in the data logger can be saved and exported for further investigation at a later date.

Clear indications of important system events help operators to understand the complicated relationships and balance required between modern components, in order to maintain a robust power supply.

PTG1631 SCADA System Module is designed to work with multiple PTG1939 Power Energy Meters. These measurement instruments provide information of over 30 3-phase parameters each and are connected via a LAN network.

The HMI can even be accessed and controlled remotely from a PC via a VNC Viewer. This allows for further presentation via projector, large-screen t.v. or other device.

Technical specifications


Housing material:

Powder-coated aluminum, Gray


TFT-LCD 12”, 1280×800 px

Class I (ISO9241-307)

LED Backlight and Industrial dimming

Resistive Touch Screen

Full colour

Power supply:

1-ph 220 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz


510 x 570 x 280 mm


17 kg