Contactor Unit


The Contactor Unit is used to control the motor. It connects the 3-phases from the 3-phase terminal to the AC-motor.

3 mini contactors are placed in the Contactor Unit. If any of the contactors is in use, this is indicated by a LED. Two of the contactors have an auxiliary contact block and the third one has both, an auxiliary contact block and a thermal overload protection which is released at too high current output at any of the three phases meant for the motor drive. The time relay can be connected to one of the contactors.The auxiliary contact blocks are used together with the contacts in the Control Module when controlling the AC-motor. Mains supply terminals of safety design.

General data

Operating voltage:

24 V AC

Main voltage:

400 V 3-ph, 50 – 60 Hz

Max current:

10 A


390 x 260 x 130 mm


3.3 kg