PTG1939 Power Energy Meter


PTG1939 Power Energy Meter is a practical solution for the study of 3-Phase AC power systems. A microprocessor-based energy meter provides the user with an instant overview of the relevant three or four-wire, 3-Phase network parameters in balanced or unbalanced networks.

The simplified connection process means your laboratory experiments can be set up and taken down in just minutes, leaving more time to investigate and understand the characteristics and ambiguities of 3-Phase power networks.

Each line is fused with a 500V, 10A slow fuse and together with 10:1A current transformers provide a good level of protection against incorrect connection, mishandling and carelessness.

Technical specifications

Power supply

220VAC, 50/60Hz



Voltage, V:

500VAC max

VT ratio:

Direct measurement

Current, I:

10A max

Active power, P:

0.0…(+/-)1999.9 W

Apparent power, S:

0.0…(+/-)1999.9 VA

Rective power, Q:

0.0…(+/-)1999.9 VAr

Active power factor, Pf:

-1…cos φ…1

Frequency, f:


PTG1939 Power Energy Meter enables the measurement and visualisation of 46 power energy quantities and 25 harmonics for each phase of current and voltage. The analyser can display parameters of interest in the study of symmetrical as well as non-symmetrical networks, such as: phase voltages, phase-to-phase voltages, line currents, phase active powers, phase reactive powers, phase apparent powers, phase active power factors, phase reactive/active power factors, mean three-phase voltage, mean phase-to-phase voltage, mean three-phase current, three-phase active, reactive and apparent powers, mean three-phase power factors.

The visualization of parameters is distributed over programmable pages (max 20 pages) where each page simultaneously displays four parameters.


Communication with SCADA via Local Area Network


255 x 195 x 335mm