MV1054 Digital Torque-, Speed- and Shaft Power Meter


MV1054 Digital Torque-, Speed- and Shaft Power Meter

MV 1054 is a modern torque meter based on the latest sensor technology. It comprises a magnetically based contactless torque sensor together with data acquisition and a display unit for torque, speed and shaft power.

The sensor unit consists of a magnetically encoded torsion shaft with a magnetically based contactless sensor, together with a data acquisition unit with 15 bit resolution. (see pages 20-22).

Torque measurement is performed/presented within the range -17.50Nm – +17.50Nm with exceptionally high accuracy including stand still torque as it is possible to lock the shaft with a specially attached bar *). Speed measurement is performed/presented within the range -3000- +3000rpm and the shaft power is calculated and presented within the range -5.50kW- +5.50kW.

Technical  Specifications
Technical Data

Nominal torque


Nominal shaft power


Nominal speed

0 – 3000rpm

Data acquisition protocol

Modbus RTU 8N2

Baud Rate


Power supply

220-240VAC 1-phase, 50-60Hz