PST-Inst 1 Installation and Teacher Training

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The installation is about 5 days and includes:

  • Installation: TERCO presumes all necessary wiring and foundation to be ready according to instruction from TERCO prior to arrival of TERCO representative.
  • Final Designation of Modules
  • Electrical Internal Connection
  • Electrical Installation to Main Supply
  • Testing of Individual Modules
  • Final Testing of the whole system.All equipment packed in original crates. Unpacking are to be done together with TERCO representative.

The installation requires the support of one of your technicians.

Basic Teacher Training:

The proposed installation covers at the same time training with the system and presumes that the teachers are well familiar with electric power, theoretically and practically.

More comprehensive courses can be arranged at site or in Sweden and they can be tailor made according to customer requirement.

The training covers:

  • Use of manual
  • Technical Structure of the System including explanation of layout, external connections, internal connections and communication
  • Starting, stopping and running the system for normal operation
  • Operating the measuring systems
  • Operating the CB and Isolators logical interlocking systems
  • Performing a choice of experiments
  • Performing a choice of network configurations
  • The concept of synchronizing to a second generator or power source (if applicable)
  • Fault Simulation Basic Service